youll never guess what happened today

» I want this pouch so bad.



He was part of my dream, of course - but then I was part of his dream, too.
    =ルイス・キャロル= (Lewis Carroll)

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Anyone would take this out of context if not for the last picture

» Brave Frontier Soundtrack Download

Thanks to a certain friend of mine on AppInvasion.

Here is the soundtrack of Brave Frontier whom ever wants it on i dunno Itunes or something.


I think it’s harder to be nice and accepting of yourself than it is to be to others.


Lo and behold, one more release within the same week! Today we have a cute BloodxAlice oneshot by Kawahara Ren from the White X Silver Anthology.

White X Silver Anthology comprises a collection of standalone stories of multiple pairings featuring various Wonderland characters from the Alice series. The stories in manga format are by the artists Fumaru Mamenosuke (BorisxAlice), Kawahara Ren (BloodxAlice), Chachaya Tone (JuliusxAlice) and Kizaki Nayu (PeterxAlice). We haven’t decided yet about how many of these will we scanalate in the future.

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Harroe - Raw provider, Quality checker

Voca- Translator, Typesetter

Straydog12- Cleaner

Please enjoy the scanalation and do not re-upload anywhere else.  We have made sure to have an online reader option and downloads available for everyone’s needs. Feel free to use anything you see for graphics purposes.

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Raid Stickers are Adorable



Sharing my bookmarks with the Tumblr community. Have fun!


  • WALS
  • Linguasphere - Kind of like WALS, if I remember correctly, but not quite. (Note: The website is in French.)
  • GOLD - a unique listing of linguistic terms…
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I find it funny how moe the mafia men look in Kawahara Ren’s art

-swoons anyway-

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Kamigami no Asobi: Balder Hringhorni

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Pinkish Sweaters - 1 2 3 4 5 6 
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Damnit Peter why do you have to be so adorable in your route Q_Q


A back-to-school penguin with some helpful words of advice for the new school year!

General Tips for Starting School

1. Smile and introduce yourself to people- whether you’re sitting next to them or have seen them in more than one of your classes. Everyone likes to make new friends (even if we’re too shy to do it most of the time).

2. Find which clubs look interesting and go to their first meetings- there’s never an obligation to join, but you might meet a lot of new friends.

3. Get advice from other students on if your classes/teachers are difficult and figure out which ones you’ll need to work the hardest in.

Tips for Starting College

1. It’s normal to feel a little lonely or homesick. It’s a huge change into a whole new environment, but you will adjust quickly. 

2. Track how long it takes to walk to your classes! If it’s across campus, it might take 15 minutes to get there (and to find the room).

3. Keep an eye on your meal plan- you don’t want to run out or have a lot left over. *Go out and eat dinner with people as a nice way to make friends!

4. Don’t buy textbooks from the school’s overpriced bookstore! Find them sold online instead, or even as e-books.

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Sakura Mochi (by Lori)

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These promotional 4 komas for the Heart no Kuni no Alice movie are from Quinrose’s website and drawn by Fujimaru Mamenosuke. Sorry for the super long post but this is the only format where tumblr doesn’t mess up the pictures or make them blurry.


Oujo - Translator

Voca- Cleaner, Typesetter

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Tiny Book